Hey everyone!

Like any writer/blogger/content creator, I devour tons of text, content of videos on a daily basis. Sometimes I find really good things to read and share with my students and friends, once in a while I stumble upon really awesome content which actually blows my mind and makes me re-evaluate everything I’ve done before, and frequently I have to deal with the “what the heck these people were thinking, writing and publishing that stuff”.

Since the ocean of content is impossible to stop anyway, I believe the only choice one has nowadays is to find their own unique voice and do their very best to make people hear it. That’s what I’m determined to do.

With Do My Homework Online I try to help students from all over the world achieve their goals. m

With WardWanders I want to share my thoughts and interesting findings that may either amuse and entertain or inform and educate readers, who happen to find themselves at his page of the enormous Internet space.

So, that’s how it goes. I’m planning to enjoy the ride. Hope you do so also.

P.S. The picture here is the photo of my cat, with whom I have pretty complicated love-hate relationship. You’ll hear a lot about that. So, sorry, you’re going to read a lot about that.vsoax0-flni