What Cats Taught Me about Content Marketing


Any cat owner  (parent, guardian or whatever you prefer to call yourself) has probably experienced this feeling: okay, this animal is cute and fuzzy, but I can never predict what she’s going to do the next moment. The same thing can be said about content. It’s nice and interesting, and you probably do your research before hitting that “publish” button,  however sometimes you have no idea what makes this or that piece of content perform successfully or fail.

I’ve tried to draw some parallels and find common ground between content and cats. That’s what I’ve got.

Don’t Push Too Hard

How often do you see a cat run to the owner and demand attention? Me – not too often. They surely want to be loved and appreciated, but they want it to happen according to their schedule. So don’t post on your blog every day and try not to be annoying on social networks. This will make people crave your ideas and actually wait for your work.

Mark Your Territory

Well, cats do it in a rather disgusting way, however, the tradition seems to do its job successfully.

Can it work for content marketing? My answer is “sure”. “Territory marking” is finding your personal style and using it consistently through all the pieces you’ve worked on. Love certain meme? Have a “signature phrase”? Love closing your posts with a joke? Whatever it is, your audience has to get used to the “scent” of your content. We all love things that appear to be safe and familiar. So why not apply this to the content creation process?

Play the Surprise Card

This tactics has worked well in a number of cases: for cats, Beyoncé and lots of bloggers out there. You surely need a clear strategy to succeed, however, showing your audience you’re capable of fascinating them is a true demonstration of your creativity.

Don’t you get delighted when your cats does something funny in a random manner? Aren’t you absolutely happy when they do something YouTube worthy? Of course, you joy doesn’t solely depend on the surprise factor. Nevertheless, it definitely is an awesome multiplier of success.

So, next time you have something amazing to tell your audience about – try to surprise them, instead of announcing the whole thing. And then you’ll have tons of opportunities to promote your piece afterwards!





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