Grab Your Motivation and Make It Stay

We all sometimes get frustrated with our work. Even if you’re a space cowboy, looking for the magic treasures in a world, filled with tiny kittens, candy and champagne. Once in a while, you’ll still catch yourself thinking: “Am I doing the right thing? Does anyone in the world need it? What if I chose the wrong approach to the wrong thing?”.

Being a blogger, trying to grow audience and establish authority in the niche means asking these questions frequently. Really frequently. Finding the answers is crucial not just for one’s motivation, but for maintaining emotional and physical health.

Sadly, there’s no universal recipe for success. The only thing that matters is the combination, that works for you. I’m going to share mine. It’s not perfect just yet, but that’s definitely something.

Get Angry

The most important thing here is direction of your rage. Don’t make yourself a target. It’s easy to destroy all the remains of motivation with self-loathing. Use the fire to burn the obstacles, standing on your way to success. No one wants to know about the deep thoughts I have to share? Well, I’ll have to find the tools to make them do so. Big guys reject my guest posts because of “bad English”? I’ll double and triple check the quality of the next text. The people I define as competitors do much better than me? I’ll study their strategy and make mine even better.


Bloggers and content marketers are most likely to agree: there’s always something to learn in the industry. Given the ubiquity of the Internet and its deep immersion into almost every sphere of our life, it’s safe to safe that exciting news and clever tricks pop up in totally unexpected places. It’s all about exploration. Following top bloggers already? Awesome! Why not monitor a couple of small businesses from the point of view of their content strategy? All in all, being a content marketer in a “boring” niche takes far more effort and creativity. So seek inspiration from what they do and interpret it in your own unique way.

Take Steps Back

Yeah, one may certainly be not enough. Tendency to overthink stuff often turns into a vicious circle, where you constantly whirl around an idea, not knowing how to approach it. Clearing one’s mind may actually do miracles. What is more, switching activities tends to unblock the flow of your mind and let your subconscious do all the work. You may be surprised with how many great thoughts you’ve been suppressing. So do yoga, go for a walk and have a night out with friends.

Make It Personal

You’re doing great job analyzing your competitors’ efforts. You are constantly aware of all the most interesting events in the industry and do your very best to present an insight, that will engage your readers and get them comment, share and generally love your content. However, once in a while you feel the overwhelming emptiness, that leaves you totally speechless. Try to seek inspiration inside yourself then. Write about something that gets you furious, happy or fascinated. This way you’ll not only let the steam out, but will also feel that boost of satisfaction, that comes when you get something off your chest.


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